Since Agriculture is the backbone of our great constituency; the are MP has worked round the clock to see that farmers from Kipkelion West boost their livelihood trough Agricultural activities. Some of the main agendas on Agriculture are:
Support of low income families in planting coffee so as to enhance them earn income. Coffee is now a necessity in every household in Kipkelion West since the prices have now improved and yet to improve more.
Hon. Hillary Koskei initiated a programme dubbed “Hesabu Zako mia moja, uinue maisha”. This programme will enable 360 households across Kipkelion and Kamasian wards to plant 36,000 seedlings besides individual effort.
This has been the most embraced farming activity in Kipkelion West Constituency. Hon. Hilary Kosgei has placed some working strategy on how to improve dairy farming through Kipkelion Dairy Limited. He is currently at an advance stages on collaboration with the New KCC in acquiring Semen tanks which will be used to keep semen and transport to the farmers for Artificial Insemination. The tanks will be stationed at Kipkelion Dairy Limited; In which several AI specialists from the Constituents will be employed to go round the constituency in serving the animals. This will enable an improvement of the dairy breed in the entire Constituency.
Hon. Kosgei concern about environment conservation is key ; tree seedling will be purchased through CDF Kitty in which four schools in every ward will benefit in promoting agro-forestry in Kipkelion West Constituency.